SANGFOR SD-WAN : Software Defined Wide-Area Network

Build Your 5S Information Highway, Boost Enterprise Digital Transformation

  • Simplify Deployment & O&M
  • Improve Branch User Work Efficiency & Increase Productivity
  • Enhance Business Availability & Data Transmission Security
  • Reduce Branch TCO & OPEX

Sangfor SD-WAN 5S


Sangfor SD-WAN Solution Overview

As enterprises expand, intranet traffic is experiencing explosive growth! With the rise of cloud and SaaS apps, the traditional branch access network is finding it difficult to adapt to the newest business development requirements. SD-WAN is the newest technology rising to popularity to fill this gap, with an incredible growth rate of 59% CAGR.

SD-WAN is an acronym for software-defined (SD) networking in a wide area network (WAN). SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism, an invaluable tool for branch network access of multi-branch enterprises and multi-level organizations.

Sangfor SD-WAN is based on Sangfor’s leading VPN technology, integrated security, WAN optimization and superior virtualization technology. Sangfor’s SD-WAN is designed to build a 5S branch access network for enterprise, making IT architecture simple, smart, secure, speedy and scalable and helping enterprises increase productivity, reduce costs and speed up their digital transformation.

Sangfor SD-WAN Architecture Description


Highlights of Sangfor SD-WAN



Quick Deployment

Branches often operate without the benefit of full-time onsite engineers, and with Sangfor email deployment, anyone in the branch office can quickly and easily deploy SD-WAN, supporting the expansion of business and reduction of cost.

Sangfor SD-WAN Quick Deployment

Visualization Operation

The Sangfor SD-WAN Centralized Management & Security Operations Center (SOC) is a real-time large-screen display of branch, VPN, security and alert status. This unified policy enables ultra-simplified branch management.

Sangfor SD-WAN Visualization Operation



Dynamic Path Selection

Automatic link quality detection based on packets loss, latency and jitter, dynamically chooses the best quality link for critical application traffic, guaranteeing an optimal critical application user experience.

Sangfor SD-WAN Dynamic Path Selection

Automatic Fail-Over

SD-WAN provides automatic, imperceptible fail-over in the event of link failure, dramatically improving business availability.

Sangfor SD-WAN Automatic Fail-Over

VPN Tunnel Bonding

SD-WAN bonds all WAN links as a resource pool and performs data load balancing on multiple WAN links, breaking through the single WAN bandwidth limitation and maximizing link utilization.

Sangfor SD-WAN VPN Tunnel Bonding




Full acceleration features solve any poor user application experience or data congestion issue, enhancing link throughput and boosting user productivity.

Sangfor SD-WAN Speedy

Sangfor SD-WAN Speedy Optimization




All Sangfor SD-WAN branch components support enterprise level firewall, anti-DoS and ARP protection for basic network security, data encryption and transmission security. For those with more stringent security needs, Sangfor SD-WAN offers a full security solution for all-around network protection.

Sangfor SD-WAN Secure




Hypervisor architecture enables business servers and functional network virtualization (NFV) simultaneously, greatly reducing the cost of servers and network devices. NFV deployment on-demands’ elastic performance perfectly meets the needs of future enterprise network requirements.

Sangfor SD-WAN Scalable


 Deployment Scenario of Sangfor SD-WAN


Sangfor SD-WAN Scenario Solutions


1. Hybrid WAN

  • Internet replaces MPLS, reducing WAN investment and increasing bandwith
  • Multi-WAN decreases the risk of single failure, improving business availability


2. WAN Acceleration

  • Solves poor user application experience issues and increases productivity
  • Solves data congestion issues, enhances link throughput and reduces bandwith upgrade cost


3. Large-Scale Small-Footprint Locations

  • Quick deployment enables quick expansion of business while reducing engineer costs and business startup cycle
  • Centralized management and visualization operations simplify daily tasks and provide network-wide controllability


4. Global Network

  • A global cloud private network backbone solves long distance transmission issues and reduces international bandwith costs
  • Unified management of global sites, reducing reliance on local IT staff



Sangfor SD-WAN Core Features List


    • Email deployment
    • Auto VPN
SD-WAN Path Selection
    • Link detection based on QoE (Packets loss, Latency, Jitter)
    • Dynamic path selection (Preferred paths, Prefer optimal path, Remaining bandwidth
      percent, VPN tunnel bonding)
    • Automatic fail-over
Centralized Management
    • Unified policy update
    • Unified firmware management
    • Centralized license management
    • Branches status map
    • VPN status topology
    • Detailed branch device resource usage and business status
    • Branch business alarm
    • Branch device alarm



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