Internet Gateway Security with Sangfor NGAF

Sangfor NGAF Internet Gateway Security

Gateway Security Risks

For internal network access users, botnets are the most prevalent security problem. Hackers use various intrusion methods including viruses and Trojan worms to control terminals and form Botnets. Information stored in the terminal can be stolen while the terminal is guided to a phishing website and used as an attack bridge to access other resources.

Problems and Challenges Faced by Traditional Internet Gateway

  • Office PC users are vulnerable to botnet virus infection, Trojans and worms.
  • Legacy security gateways lack appropriate security protection capabilities allowing various ransomware and unidentified threats to easily bypass tradition protection.
  • Lack of rapid detection capabilities cause Intranet failure for hosts and don’t allow for quick reaction to security issues.
  • IT administrators often lack the professional skills necessary to perform eective security operations.

Sangfor NGAF Internet Gateway Security

Sangfor NGAF Internet Gateway

Stable Gateway

Secure Gateway

Simple Gateway

  • Common Access Method
  • Basic Routing
  • NAT Function
  • DHCP Server
  • High Availability
  • Multi-Line Support
  • Load Balance
  • High Performance
  • Firewall + WAF + IPS
  • User, Behavior and
  • IT Asset Visibility
  • Risk and Attack Visibility
  • Real-Time Detection
  • Unknown Threat Detection
  • Rapid Response to Threats
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Policy Layout
  • Automated Security
  • Operation Guidance
  • Business Based Scanning Tool
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Trac and User Behavior Control
  • Business Based Security Reporting

Sangfor Secure Gateway Solution Advantages

Real-Time Detection:

Real-time detection of threats at every attack stage allowing rapid response to any risks.

Sangfor NGAF Internet Gateway Security

IT administrators are aware of all real-time threats at every stage of the cyber kill chain….

Sangfor NGAF Internet Gateway Security

…providing rapid response to any security risks or attacks.

Security Visibility:

Effective Analysis & Presentation: Risk Positioning | Analysis of Data | Graphical Display

Visibility of Assets

  • Identify core business system assets (examples: application software, users, devices, and content)

Visibility of Threats & Risks

  • Identify vulnerabilities and risks to business assests.

Visiblity of User Behavior

  • Distinguish between common and uncommon user behavior, identify potential risks and respond
    to threats in real-time.
  • Easy distinguish between legitimate users and malicious users accessing services

Simplified Security:

Easy Deployment & Simple Operation

Sangfor NGAF Internet Gateway Security

Anti-Virus Engine powered by AI : Sangfor Engine Zero

Sangfor NGAF Internet Gateway Security

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