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Exceptional. Fast producing. Ready for duty.
In addition to delivering outstanding scanning technology and bundled feature sets—including VRS Professional, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection and Advanced Color Dropout—Trūper Scanners also deliver real-world value. The combination of high productivity and affordable pricing makes this series the obvious choice for reducing the total cost of scanning.

Speedy prep time
Auto Color Detect: no problem mixing color and black-and-white documents. With Auto Color Detect, Trūper Scannersautomatically sense the difference between color and black-and-white as documents are scanned, and accurately capture the original images. Auto Color Detect allows you to eliminate sorting documents by color, saving you time and effort in document preparation.

Auto Orientation: no problem mixing landscape and portrait documents. Auto Orientation automatically displays scanned images “right side up” as they are normally read. Auto Orientation reduces document preparation, scanning interruptions and operator intervention.

Blank Page Deletion: save file size and money. With Blank Page Deletion, Trūper Scanners automatically detect and delete blank pages when scanning in duplex mode. Blank Page Deletion reduces scanned file size and document preparation.

User-replaceable parts: reduce service calls. With easy-to-change and easy-to-clean parts, ongoing routine maintenance can be handled by scanner users. This reduces the need for service calls and allows you to boost scanning efficiency. Both Trūper models use the same consumable kits, which eliminates the need to stock multiple kits for multiple scanners.

Long and very long document scanning. The long document handling feature is enduser selectable and requires no additional IT support. It’s easy to switch between standardlength and long-length document scanning. Users can convert very long documents like fetal monitoring strips and electrocardiogram (EKG) strips into sharp, digitized images, which are automatically rendered into image segments that are 254 cm (100 in.) long. This technology eliminates the labor-intensive process of cutting long documents into measured sections or mounting them on standard-size sheets prior to scanning.

Speeding to the top of their class
With KODAK Trūper Series Scanners, the low-volume production scanner segment just got a little faster. The Trūper Scanners’ unique combination of image quality, duty cycle and speed make them an attractive option for service bureau overflow, busy office environments and businesses with exception document scanning needs. With flatbed plus rotary, or rotary-only models, the Trūper Scanners can meet your diverse scanning needs.

Fast producing
Speed: Up to 95 pages per minute (ppm). For color, black-and-white and grayscale scanning, Trūper Scanners provide accelerated throughput.

Duty cycle: volume when you need it. The daily duty cycle of 15,000 pages gives you the capacity to handle all your volume needs, from ad-hoc scanning to peak production workloads. .

USB 2.0: drives higher image transfer speed. Trūper Scanners have a USB 2.0 interface for easy installation and accelerated transfer of scanned images to the host computer.

Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection with Multi-feed Ignore: minimizes rescans and catches double-feeds Trūper Scanners feature Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection technology to catch unintentional multi-feeds. For envelopes, or for documents containing sticky notes, the Multi-feed Ignore setting allows them to scan without triggering a multi-feed. This setting effectively reduces rescans and document preparation time.

Automatic Document Feeder: greater capacity for more documents. The ADF’s 200-sheet capacity increases your batch scanning options and helps maximize your productivity. In addition, the document guides in the feeder area are lockable and can be positioned independently, to maximize feeding flexibility.

Flatbed plus rotary and rotary-only models. Two models are available to meet your scanning needs—a rotary-only model, the Truper 3610 Scanner; and a flatbed plus rotary model, the Trūper 3210 Scanner. For applications requiring the scanning of exception documents, choose the 3210 model. In the absence of exception documents, choose the 3610 model.

Wider ADF: accepts larger documents. The Trūper Scanners’ document feeding capacity easily accommodates wider documents and oversized documents. The expanded feeder width also improves image cropping and deskew in conjunction with the included VRS application.

High-quality images
Trūper Series Scanners deliver great image quality that meets the demands of modern document management solutions. Whether you scan bar codes, forms, invoices, patient records or EKG strips, you can be confident that Trūper Scanners will accurately capture your images and increase your OCR/ICR read rates.

The LED lamps are designed to last for the life of the scanner, and their bright light renders true illumination to enable accurate color imaging.

VirtualReScan Professional: a feature bundle that saves you a bundle. With VRS Professional, Trūper Series Scanners dramatically reduce document preparation time through many efficiency enhancing features. The combination of efficiency, high-quality images and a high duty cycle makes Trūper Scanners an obvious choice for today’s document management applications.

With Auto Color Detect, Blank Page Deletion and Auto Orientation included with VRS Professional, you can reduce manual steps and operator intervention. These efficiencies can produce measurable savings and lower your total cost of scanning. The VRS application includes all the image processing tools required for the production scanning marketplace.

Specifications Truper 3610 Rotary Scanner

Scanning Mode

3210: Simplex, Duplex and Flatbed
3610: Simplex and Duplex

Scanning Method

CIS (Contact Image Sensor) with LED lamps

Scanning Speed Black- and-White, Grayscale, Color
(Letter Size, Landscape, 200 dpi)

Simplex 95 ppm (pages per minute)

Duplex 190 ipm (images per minute)

Daily Duty Cycle

Up to 15,000 pages per day


Optical: 600 dpi
Black-and-White or Grayscale Output: 100–600 dpi
Color Output (with the VRS application): 100–400 dpi

Output Options

Black-and-White, Grayscale (8 bit), and Color (24 bit)

Image Enhancement

VRS Professional features include Auto Cropping, Deskew, Auto Brightness, Advanced Clarity, Auto Color Detect, Auto Orientation, Bar Code Detection and Blank Page Deletion


USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatible


Approximately 297 x 432 mm (11.7 x 17 in.) for 3210 model only


Scanning Size: Approximately 48 x 70 mm (1.9 x 2.8 in.) to 302 mm x unlimited (11.9 in. x unlimited*)

*screen images are appended to 254 cm (100 in.)

Paper Thickness (ADF)

0.05 to 0.15 mm (2.0 to 5.9 mils) Note: 1 mil = 1/1000 in.

Paper Weight (ADF)

40 to 127 g/m² (10.6 to 34 lbs.)

Feeder Capacity

200 Sheets of 64 g/m2 (17 lb.) paper

Scanner Size

3210: 76 x 51 x 29 cm (30 x 20 x 11.4 in.);
3610: 48 x 44 x 29 cm (18.9 x 17.3 x 11.4 in.)

Scanner Weight

3210: 29 kg (64 lbs.)
Kodak 3610 : 21 kg (47 lbs.)

Power Requirements and  Consumption

100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
– Scanning: <90 W
– Standby: <27 W
– Sleep Mode: 2.0 W

220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
– Scanning: <80 W
– Standby: <27 W
– Sleep Mode: <3.5 W

Operating Temperature and Humidity

Temperature 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Humidity: 30% to 80% RH non-condensing

Additional Features

Advanced Color Dropout (up to six colors), Ultrasonic Multi-feed
Detect with Multi-feed Ignore, Long and Very Long Document Handling, Switchable Background, Bar Code Recognition, End User Replaceable Feeder Rollers, MultiStream (Direct ISIS only), Direct TWAIN, Independently Adjustable and Lockable Document Guides

Additional Contents

Power Cord, USB 2.0 Cable, Roller Cleaning Kit, CD-ROM (Operator
Manual, VRS Professional, User Utility Software), Printed Documents (Quick Installation Checklist)

Bundled Software

Kofax VCDemo, Kofax Scan Demo

Consumable and Accessory Options

Roller Cleaning Kit, Roller Exchange Kit, Imprinter Kit, Imprinter
Kit Cartridge, Shading Paper, Blower Accessory, Memory Upgrade Kit, NCR Paper Cleaning Kit, Long Document Productivity Weight Kit.  Supported by Kodak Capture Pro Software.

Imprinter Features

Pre-Scan, Front Page Imprinter, 62 Characters


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