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RockWorks gives the petroleum geologist the tools to get the job done: well spotting, mapping (bubble, structure, isopach, land grid, log maps), cross sections, stratigraphic modeling, reservoir modeling and much more.

RockWorks Rockware – Petroleum

Mapping Tools
• Structure and isopach maps: contour maps with lines and color fills, custom color tables
• 3D surface displays
• Bubble maps of any well data (production, etc.)
• Well and lease spotting from Range, Township, Section descriptions
• Land grid and lease maps with section boundaries
• Coordinate systems/conversions: lon/lat, UTM, State Plane, local, custom
• Well location maps: customized symbols (e.g. well status), plan-view horizontal well traces
• Gridding algorithms: kriging, triangulation, inverse-distance, trend polynomial
• Grid model tools: filters, math operations, editor, imports and exports

Well Database Tools
• Cross sections: hole to hole and projected
• 3D fence diagrams
• Correlations: model-based and “EZ” panels
• Horizontal and vertical wells: 2D and 3D, flexible log layout
• Stratigraphic modeling of all/selected formations
• Solid modeling of lithologic, geophysical, geotechnical, geochemical data, with display as voxel or isosurface diagrams
• Geosteering: optimal well paths based on target formations, lateral and 3D displays
• Well database for well locations and miscellaneous well data, formation contacts, raster images, geophysical data, lithology, well construction and production
• Data imports—Excel, LAS, LogPlot, IHS, KGS, Tobin, other databases
• Stratigraphic contacts from digital elog data or raster logs

Other Tools
• Structural geology diagrams
• Graphic output: 2D and 3D output to RockWorks, Google Earth
• 2D editing tools: contour lines, text, shapes, legends, images
• Snapping tools for hand-drawn correlations
• Composite scenes in 3D with maps, logs, surfaces, solids, panels, surface objects
• Page layout program for small to large format presentations and posters
• Exports to GIS Shapefiles, CAD DXF, raster formats, Google Earth
• Image import, rectification, depth-registration
• Program automation

RockWorks is a comprehensive program that offers visualization and modeling of spatial data and subsurface data. Whether you are a petroleum engineer, environmental scientist, hydrologist, geologist or educator, RockWorks has what you need.

RockWorks contains tools that will save time and money, increase profitability and provide you with a competitive edge through high-quality graphics, models and plots.

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