RockWorks 2022 Petroleum – Deskripsi Lengkap

Rockware RockWorks 2022 Petroleum RockWorks gives the petroleum geologist the tools to get the job done: well spotting, mapping (bubble, structure, isopach, land grid, log maps), cross sections, stratigraphic modeling, reservoir modeling and much more. RockWorks...

RockWorks 2022 Environmental – Deskripsi Lengkap

Rockware RockWorks 2022 Environmental RockWorks is a comprehensive software program for creating 2D and 3D maps, logs and cross sections, geological models, volume reports, and general geology diagrams for the environmental, geotechnical, mining, and petroleum...

Rockware LogPlot – overview & New Features

Rockware LogPlot Striplog, borehole log plotting Used by geoscientists since 1983 to display their geotechnical, environmental, geophysical, mud/gas, and mining data as a graphic boring log. Product Description LogPlot 8 – the standard in log plotting software LogPlot...

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