Projector LG PA72G

gambar Projector-LG-PA72G

LG PA72G World Brightest Portable WXGA LED Smart TV Projector

Enjoy the World Brightest Portable LED Smart TV Projector, SUPER LONG LASTING LAMP, Smart Sharing Among your Various Digital Devices, Anywhere, Anytime Easy to use, 3W + 3W Stereo and INPUT / OUTPUT.


  • Super Long lasting Lamp
  • Smart Sharing Among Your Various Digital Devices
  • Anywhere, Anytime Easy to Use
  • Input/Output
  • 3W+3W Stereo

World Brightest Portable LED Smart TV Projector


Specifications Projector LG PA72G

Sistem Projector

  Lamp/Life High Brightness : 30.000 Hrs  

  Projection Image/Standard : 40″@1.2m  

  Projection Image/Throw Ratio : 1.4  

  Noise/High Brightness : 34 dB(A)  

  Uniformorty(JBMMA 9point) : 85%  

  Projection Offset : 100%  

  Projection Image/Screen Size : 20″ – 100″, HDMI : 1  

  RGB(PC) Audio in : 1  

  RGB in : 1  

Resolusi Native

WXGA (1280×800) 


700 Lumens ANSI 

Rasio Kontras


Rasio Aspek

4:3/Just scan/Set by Pro./ 16:9/Full/Zoom/Cinema Zoom/Fulll 

Rasio Besaran (Zoom)

  Projection Lens/Zoom : Fixed  

  Projection Lens/Focus : Manual  


RGB LED, PT54 (LuminusŽÐ) 


HDMI, RGB(PC) Audio in, RGB in 




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