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Intelligent P2P Traffic Control

Traditional Traffic Control is based on the cache way of packet loss. The UDP protocol itself does not have a mechanism of rate adjustment and P2P transmission mode is particular. Even if you reduced the download data on the LAN port, the network is still occupied by a large number of P2P upload data on WAN port, leading to a waste of bandwidth. That’s why IT administrators often cannot control the P2P traffic at a certain rate.

Sangfor IAM Intelligent P2P Traffic Control

We found that there is a correlation between the upload rate and download rate for P2P traffic. Sangfor provided a technology that can accurately control the P2P traffic by restraining the upload traffic.

Sangfor IAM Intelligent P2P Traffic Control

Now more bandwidth resource can be utilized by critical business system and the bandwidth utilization will be used up to 30% at least.


Sangfor IAM (Internet Access Management)

  • Increase Visibility
  • Enhanced Management
  • Value-Added Marketing

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Dynamic Traffic Control

Sangfor IAM Intelligent P2P Traffic Control

Traditional bandwidth management policies can’t be adjusted automatically, which leads to a waste of bandwidth. For example, you set up a policy to limit YouTube (P2P) video traffic to a maximum 1 MB/s per user. If a part of your staff are going on business trip, then the business bandwidth guarantee channel is idle. The bandwidth usage of the line is lower than before.

We call it idle status, under the traditional way of static bandwidth control. Idle bandwidth won’t be used, which leads to the waste of bandwidth. However Sangfor IAM can provide the technology for dynamic bandwidth control, which allow the idle bandwidth to be occupied by limited channel to improve user experience and bandwidth utilization.

Sangfor IAM Dynamic Traffic Control

Granular Quota Control

The daily and monthly traffic quota can be set for a single user or user group based on application/period. If the users use up the quota, he will be put into a limited bandwidth channel.

Sangfor IAM Granular Quota Control



Current Pain Points

● Online video traffic occupies more than 60% of the overall Internet traffic.
● Email, ERP systems become slow.
● Expensive bandwidth resource is not used for critical business applications.
● Employees are complaining to the IT department about slow access speed. IT dpt. overall work performance is affected.

Root Cause Analysis

● Streaming media, P2P downloading and other applications abuses the bandwidth.
● P2P traffic is often out of control with traditional traffic control tool for its particular UDP traffic interaction. Simple expansion of the bandwidth cannot solve the root cause.
● The traditional way of traffic control is to limit the bandwidth per IP at a certain rate, bandwidth resource cannot be fully used this way.

Customer Success Story

Astra International

Astra has a total of 227,099 employees working in 191 subsidiaries, associated companies, and jointly-controlled entities spanning six business segments, namely Automotive, Financial Services, Heavy Equipment and Mining, Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Logistics, Information Technology. The market capitalization of PT. Astra International Tbk stood at Rp 275.3 trillion at the close of 2013.


● Many employees were consuming the bandwidth for non-work related activities such as spending time on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube.
● Astra needed to find a way to visualize and control its bandwidth and block the access to nonproductive website.

Sangfor Solution

● Use SANGFOR IAM device to make a bandwidth management policy on quota, set monthly quota 100GB per user.
● Set access control policy for controlling the usage of the social media (Facebook, Youtube).


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