FORTUNARACK CABINET -Outdoor optical Distributional Cabinet

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FortunaRack Outdoor Distribution Cabinet , Compliant to IP 63, H 1200 x W 700 x D 500 mm Enclosure Material :
a. Galvalum Steel 2 mm.
b. Body White Color Powder Painting Finishing “Cool Shide ” reflective heat by jotun paint.
c. Epoxy Yellow Color Finishing for Base UNP 100.
d. Double compartment Top H 800 mm and bottom 400 mm.
e. Galvalum Steel 2 mm 19″ Vertical Rail.
f. Wiring device accessories including 4 pieces Cable Gland IP 68 (2 each PG11 and 2 each PG 16 ).
g. Dirak or Euro lock IP 65 Swing handle and Cylinder Key.
h. 2,5 mm Alumunium sheet at bottom for cable incoming and/or out going.


Spesikasi dan Standard Supply :

Indeks proteksi (IP) 55.
12/24 slot connector module.
1 slot capacity, 12/24 FO adapter FC/PC, SI,
SC, LC + fusion splicing tray for 24 ber.
288/576 core capacity LC adapter, 144/288
FC, SC, ST adapter.
10 hole for ber optic cable way.

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