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Endpoint security management is a policy-based approach to network security that requires endpoint devices to comply with specific criteria before they are granted access to network resources. Endpoints can include PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets and specialized equipment such as bar code readers or point of sale (POS) terminals.

Endpoint security management systems, which can be purchased as software or as a dedicated appliance, discover, manage and control computing devices that request access to the corporate network. Required elements may include an approved operating system, a VPN client and anti-virus software with current updates. Devices that do not comply with policy are given limited access or quarantined on a virtual LAN (VLAN). Endpoints that do not comply with policy can be controlled by the system to varying degrees. For example, the system may remove local administrative rights or restrict Internet browsing capabilities.

Endpoint security systems work on a client/server model in which a centrally managed server or gateway hosts the security program and an accompanying client program is installed on each network device. In a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, the host server and its security programs are maintained remotely by the vendor. In either delivery model, when a client attempts to log onto the network, the server program validates user credentials and scans the device to make sure that it complies with defined corporate security policies before allowing access to the network.

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager provides centralized management of Comodo’s 7-layered security suite that proactively protects endpoints and their applications against malware and advanced threats.

How You Can Benefit From Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM)
– More Control, Less Worry: Comodo’s unique containment technology auto-sandboxes unknown malware onsite in a virtual environment with little resource usage required.
– Manage with Ease: Centrally manage your servers, workstations, laptops, netbooks and their applications.
– Engage in Best Practices: Our 7-layered security platform ensures each endpoint is protected with a combination of web URL filtering, firewall, antivirus, file lookup service, HIPs, containment with auto-sandboxing and viruscope (behavior analysis).
– Gain Insights: A robust dashboard presents a panoramic view of 14 critical endpoint metrics.
– Save Time: View and modify endpoint processes, services and installed applications with powerful system management capabilities.
– Simplify Administration: Use ‘push’ deployment via Active Directory™, Workgroup and IP addresses; and “pull” deployment via group policy or login script.
– Interact Remotely: Interact directly with users and remote desktop endpoints with our remote assistance feature.
– Lower Response Time: Real-time notifications lower emergency response time to emerging threats.
– Deepen Understanding: Location-aware policies allow granular definition of security configurations for endpoints inside and outside of the VPN.
– Go Green: Wake-on-LAN enabled systems advance enables integrated power management functionality.
– Keep System Requirements Low: Minimal system requirements allow installation on non-dedicated Windows PCs and servers.


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