EDIMAX N300 Smart Wi-Fi Extender (EW-7438RPn Air)

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N300 Smart Wi-Fi Extender with EdiRange App
  • Exceptional, compact size that won’t block neighboring sockets
  • Smart, automatic setup from smartphones
  • Intuitive iOS & Android app controls user-friendly features such as Wi-Fi scheduling and guest network
  • Easy-to-view LED ring displays device status and illuminates any room with a pleasant ambience
  • Good night mode shuts down the device and its bright LEDs during the night and automatically reawakens in the morning

The EW-7438RPn Air is a next-generation, ultra-compact Wi-Fi extender with a powerful CPU and an intuitive iOS  & Android smartphone companion app. A sleek, easy to use solution to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and extend wireless coverage, the EW-7438RPn Air provides practical functionality, extensive features and an elegant design. The high-speed CPU boosts wireless performance and the guest network feature offers added value as an extra wireless network you can use for kids or guests, keeping your private Wi-Fi secure or allowing you to  supervise kids’ Internet use from your smartphone. Good night mode and Wi-Fi scheduling  give complete control over your wireless environment and the tiny design won’t block neighbouring power sockets, while 802.11b/g/n  support ensures wide compatibility and fast wireless speeds up to 300Mbps .

Compact, Slim Wall Plug Design
Plugs directly into an existing electrical socket with no need any additional power cables. Install it anywhere you need.

Setup Is Easy
Features user-friendly browser-based iQ Setup for smart, automatic and quick installation. iQ Setup automatically detects available Wi-Fi networks and helps you to establish a connection within seconds.

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Smart App Control & Analytics
The extender works together with our free EdiRange smartphone app which displays your local Wi-Fi environment and provides easy-to-understand analytics to help you avoid your neighbors’ wireless interference and get the best performance for your wireless devices. Plus you can manage the extender’s wireless network and functions such as scheduling and guest network.

Good Night Mode & Wi-Fi Scheduling
The extender’s free smartphone app lets you shut down the extender’s Wi-Fi from your smart phone, so when you go to bed, you can put your extender to sleep too. Just hit “good night mode” in the app and see that the extender’s Wi-Fi and LEDs are off during the night, leaving you or your family ready for a comfortable night’s sleep. And the additional Wi-Fi scheduling function lets you program intelligent schedules to manage Wi-Fi availability and power usage according to your home’s routine.

Parental Control or Guest Wi-Fi
The EW-7438RPn Air features a 2nd wireless network which is easy to set up and manage using the included smartphone app. It could be used for guests to keep your home Wi-Fi private and secure, or for children as a parental control function. Separate your child’s Wi-Fi network from yours so you can switch it on or off at anytime and have total control with the  smartphone app. Use the extender’s scheduling function to regulate the times which children can get online or switch off the extender so there’s no distractions when kids are doing homework.

New Generation, Better Performance, Reduced Size
The EW-7438RPn Air features an embedded 580MHz CPU which enhances Wi-Fi performance by up to 45% and is equipped with two internal high performance antennas.

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Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones
Extend Wi-Fi coverage to dead zones which your existing Wi-Fi signal can’t reach.

Double The Coverage Of Your Wi-Fi
Plug the extender directly into an electrical outlet and the extender can double the signal coverage of your Wi-Fi network, perfect for large homes with multiple rooms and floors.

Works With Any Wireless Router
Universal compatibility and easy web-based iQ Setup for quick and easy installation.

Quick WPS Connection
A WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button allows the EW-7438RPn Air to join an existing wireless network at the simple push of a button.

WPA/WPA2 Advanced Wireless Encryption
Supports WEP 64/128 bit, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption standards.


Specifications EDIMAX N300 Smart Wi-Fi Extender (EW-7438RPn Air)


Compact, Slim Wall Plug Design  

Setup Is Easy  

Smart App Control & Analytics  

Good Night Mode & Wi-Fi Scheduling  

Parental Control or Guest Wi-Fi  

New Generation, Better Performance, Reduced Size  

Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones  

Double The Coverage Of Your Wi-Fi  

Works With Any Wireless Router  

Quick WPS Connection  

WPA/WPA2 Advanced Wireless Encryption  

Data Rates

Up to 300Mbps 

Standards Protocol


Antarmuka / Interface

WPS button  

LED indicators  

Operating Frequency



2 x high performance internal antennas 


64/128-bit WEP encryption and WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK security  

802.1x authentication  

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)  


42mm x 42mm x 72mm (H x W x L) 

Kelengkapan Paket

EW-7438RPn Air  

CD with multi-language QIG & user manual  

Quick installation guide (QIG)  

Access key card  



Multi-language iQ Setup (browser interface)  

Hardware WPS button  


Existing wireless home network (2.4GHz)  

Computer with 2.4GHz b/g/n Wi-Fi capability and web browser for software configuration (Internet Explorer 7 or above, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari latest version)  

iOS 5 above or Android 4.x above for mobile app  


Built in AC100-240V, 0.15A 50-60Hz power module