Eaton 9PX RT31

Why Eaton?

Eaton is the only UPS manufacturer that can increase battery life by 50% and provide advanced warning of pending battery failure, with the fastest recharge time.

These features, combined with competitive pricing and comprehensive warranties, are critical to protecting your equipment.


The Eaton 9PX is a proven, best-in-class online UPS featuring ABM technology, which extends battery service life up to 50 percent. With double-conversion topology for constant power conditioning and battery packs for extended runtime, the 9PX tower/rackmount UPS is built for scalable deployment and features a graphical LCD interface. Select 9PX UPS models are bundled with the Eaton Gigabit Network card, the first in the industry to comply with both UL and IEC cybersecurity standards. To complete your backup power solution, pair your 9PX with the Eaton Intelligence Platform for seamless management of your connected equipment. Applications: IT, edge networks, medical/healthcare, universities, K-12, industrial automation, harsh electrical environments.

Increase battery life by 50% using ABM Technology

Batteries are the most critical component in the reliability of any UPS. The battery is all too often ignored as a maintenance-free product, not requiring attention or inspection. This neglect can be costly and possibly disastrous.

ABM (Advanced Battery Management) helps to provide early detection of problem batteries and protect the battery from unnecessary failures, while functioning to extend the useful life of this key component of power quality.

Eaton’s ABM uses a unique three-stage charging technique that significantly extends battery service life and optimizes recharge time, compared to traditional trickle charging.


Eaton 9PX6KiRT31 UPS menyediakan proteksi power dengan effisiensi energi untuk ruang IT dan infrastruktur Datacenter skala kecil dan menengah, dimana Eaton 9PX6KiRT31 memberikan proteksi double conversion dengan pemakaian energy yang kurang dari 40% namun performa powernya justru bertambah hingga 28%. Eaton 9PX6KiRT31 adalah UPS yang paling sempurna untuk manager IT dan fasilitasnya yang mementingkan manajemen biaya energi terbaik dan yang mencari generasi terdepan dalam solusi power.

Spesifikasi Eaton 9PX6KiRT31 UPS

Form Factor 6U Rackmount / Tower
Topologi On-line double conversion with PFC (Power Factor Correction) system
Daya Keluar 6000VA / 5400W
Jangkauan Voltase Masuk 305V-480V without derating (up to 175V-480V with derating)
Voltase Masuk 380/400/415V
Frekuensi Masuk 50-60 Hz auto-selection
Batasan Frekuensi 40-70 Hz
Voltase Keluar 200/208/220/230/240V +/– 1%
Kapasitas Overload 102–110% : 120s, 110–125%: 60s, 125–150%: 10s, >150%: 900ms
Efisiensi (Mode Normal) Up to 95% in Online mode, 98% in Hi-Efficiency mode
Frekuensi Keluar 50/60 Hz auto-select, frequency converter as standard
Baterai ABM® and Temperature compensated charging method (user selectable), automatic battery test, deep discharge protection, automatic recognition of external battery units.
Dimensi Produk 260 (6U) x 440 x 700 mm
Berat Produk 88 Kg
Garansi 24 Bulan dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia
Rail Kit Included Ya

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