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UPS EMERSON Liebert itON (PSA1000-UX) – Harga & Spec

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UPS EMERSON Liebert itON (PSA1000-UX) Spec & Harga

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gambar EMERSON Liebert itON PSA1000-UX

The Liebert® itON is a feature-rich reliable line-interactive UPS designed for desktop computer workstations and standalone IT equipment. It has an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that allows flexibility and reliability for PCs and other sensitive electronic equipment. Designed with simple controls for easy operation, the Liebert® itON provides more than enough time to save work in process before shutting down the system.

Features UPS Liebert itON PSA1000-UX
– Equipment with boost and buck AVR tostabilize the input voltage
– Micropocessor control guarantees high reliability
– Provides AC overload protection
– Auto restart with AC recover
– Compact size, lightweight
– Fast charging
– Off mode charging
– Cold start function
– Overload protection and alarm
– 4x IEC outlets for PSA600-BX, PSA600-UX, PSA850-BX, PSA850-UX, PSA1000-BX, and PSA1000-UX
– 6x NEMA/EU sockets for PSA1000H-BX

Key Advantages UPS Liebert itON PSA1000-UX
– AVR features gives higher application availability by correcting high and low voltage without using valuable battery power

The Liebert® itON is Ideally Suited for :
– Desktop PCs
– Professional workstations
– Small routers, bridges, and hubs
– Point-of-sale terminals
– Other sensitive electronics

gambar Runtime chart PSA1000-UX

Technical Specifications Emerson Liebert itON PSA1000-UX

Model Number PSA1000-UX
Capacity (VA/W): 1000/600
Net Weight, kg. (lb.): 8.0 (17.63)
Dimensions – W x D x H, mm. (in.): 146 x 350 x 160 (5.75 x 13.8 x 6.3)
On-Line Input Voltage: 160-290VAC, single phase
On-Line Frequency: 50/60Hz (auto sensing)
Online Frequency Range (50Hz/60Hz): 45 – 55Hz ±1Hz / 55 – 65Hz ±1Hz
Output Voltage (Utility Power Normal): 220VAC/ 230VAC/ 240VAC, single phase
Output Voltage (Battery Operation): + / -10%
On-Battery Wave Form: Stepped sinewave
Output Frequency Battery Mode: 50Hz (60Hz) ±1Hz
Battery Type – VDC x Ah x Quantity: 12V x 7 Ah x 2
Typical Recharge Time: 4-6 hours to 90%
Battery Runtime* – Half Load: 6 minutes
Operating Temperature, °C (°F): 0 to 40 (32 to 104)
Storage Temperature, °C (°F): -20 to 50 (-4 to 122)
Operating /Storage Relative Humidity: 0 – 90%, non-condensing
Outlet types and numbers: IEC C13 x 4

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