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UPS EMERSON Liebert GXT1000-MTPlus – Spek & Harga

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UPS EMERSON Liebert GXT1000-MTPlus

Harga Promo = Rp 7.350.000

gambar UPS EMERSON Liebert GXT1000-MTPlus

The Liebert GXT MT+ features best-in-class power protection for critical applications with the use of true on-line double conversion technology.
The Liebert GXT MT+ has a comprehensive specifi cation that provides a higher level of availability to the IT equipment. It satisfi es safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards while offering intelligent monitoring and network management functions. This high performance UPS with proven reliability is available in a compact tower design.

Bringing our Enterprise Level IT Expertise to your SMB
Emerson Network Power offers a full range of power protection solutions suitable for every requirement or scenario. From desktop computing, network equipment, computer rooms to large scale data centers, we make sure you get the same level of protection the Fortune 500 companies enjoy with Emerson. It is our way of Bringing Enterprise Level IT expertise to your SMB.

Desktop Computing
– Liebert PSP
– Liebert PSA
– Liebert itON BX

Network / Computer Room
– Liebert GXT MT+
– Liebert PSI
– Liebert GXT3

Data Center
– Liebert APM
– Liebert NX
– Liebert Hipulse

Features EMERSON Liebert GXT1000-MTPlus
– Double conversion on-line technology
– Compact tower design
– Standard models and long backup models available
– Extended runtime capabilities by building up additional battery resources
– Flexible (site specifi c) battery confi guration
– Standard model comes with internal battery
– Generator-compatible with wide input frequency range (40 to 70 Hz)
– 0.8 output power factor
– Class A electromagnetic interference (EMC)
– Ultra wide input voltage range
– High input power factor & low THDi
– Emergency power off (EPO)
– Confi gurable to energy saving mode (ECO)
– LCD display for operational convenience and status / fault information
– Multiple AC output interfaces via IEC standard sockets with Programmable output
– Remote Monitoring is available through USB / RS232, and optional via dry contacts and SNMP

– Small-size Data Center
– Telecommunication Equipment
– VoIP
– Small Offi ce Network
– Computer Rooms
– Process Automation Equipment
– Network Storage Devices

Specifications EMERSON Liebert GXT1000-MTPlus

Capacity (VA/W): 1000 / 800
Input Parameters
Frequency Range: 40Hz ~ 70 Hz
Phase: Single phase with ground
Power Factor: ≥ 0.99 @ 220 to 230 VAC (input voltage)

Voltage Range
Low Line Transfer: 160 VAC / 140 VAC / 120 VAC / 110 VAC ± 5 %
( based on load percentage 100% – 80 % / 80 % – 70 % / 70 – 60 % / 60 % – 0)
Low Line Comeback: 175 VAC ± 5 %
High Line Transfer: 300 VAC ± 5 %
High Line Comeback: 290 VAC ± 5 %

Output Parameters
Output Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC
AC Voltage Regulation: ± 3% (Batt. Mode)
Frequency Range: 47 to 53 Hz or 57 to 63 Hz (Synchronized Range)
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode): 50 Hz ± 0.25Hz
100% to 110%: audible warning
110% to 130%: UPS shuts down in 30 seconds at battery mode or transfers to bypass
mode when the utility is normal.
>130%: UPS shuts down immediately at battery mode or transfer to bypass mode
when the utility is normal.
Current Crest Ratio: 3:1
Harmonic Distortion:
≤ 3 % THD (Linear Load)
≤ 6 % THD (Non-linear Load)
Waveform (Batt. Mode): Pure Sinewave

AC Mode: ~ 85%
Battery Mode: ~ 83%

Transfer Time
AC Mode to Batt. Mode: Zero
Inverter to Bypass: 4 ms (Typical)

Battery Charger (Standard Model)
Battery Type 12 V / 7 AH

Numbers: 3
Typical Recharge Time: 4 hours recover to 90% capacity (Typical)
Charging Current: 1.0 A(max.)
Charging Voltage: 41.0 VDC ± 1%

Battery Charger (Long back-up Model)
Numbers: 3
Charging Current: 4.0 A or 8.0 A(max.)
Charging Voltage: 41.0 VDC ± 1%

Physical Parameters
Dimension, D X W X H: 220 x 145 x 397
Net Weight (kgs): 13

Emvironmental Parameters
Operation Humidity: 20 to 90 % RH @ 0 to 40°C (non-condensing)
Noise Level: Less than 55dBA @ 1 Meter

Smart RS-232 or USB: Supports Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/ 7, Linux, and MAC
Optional SNMP: Power management from SNMP manager and web browser

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