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UPS APC MGE EPS 8000 (E8TUPS625) – 3 Phase

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UPS APC MGE EPS 8000 (E8TUPS625) – 3 Phase


High Availability, High Performance Network Power Supply
The MGE EPS 8000 is the primary choice UPS power supply in the large data center market with its benchmark on quality and availability, from 555 to 1100kVA in a single box. Relying on advanced 12 pulse rectifier and inverter technologies to restrict total harmonic distortion to less than 5 percent.

Copper galvanic isolation is provided for both input and output to UPS systems while isolating the DC ground from upstream devices in the event of a ground fault condition due to battery leakage. The MGE EPS 8000 is a true high performance machine with efficiency up to 93.5% while maintaining efficiency of 92% at 25% load.

UPS systems deliver clean reliable power even in the harshest of electrical environments. Featuring 100% step-load capability which ensures a fast response to load changes with accurate voltage regulation. In addition, the MGE EPS 8000 incorporates fault tolerant circuitry that protects UPS systems from accidental short circuits usually caused by load side failures or overloads. Core MGE EPS is equipped with a 100 percent rated output static switch with a stable, reliable, predetermined response time. Low carbon footprint and full front access with zero electromechanical connections at the rear of the unit allows the unit to be installed against the wall

E8TUPS625 Features :
UPS compatible
Uniquely designed to accept input power from any single phase, 120V power source such as a UPS, solar panel or other alternative energy power inputs.

MGE EPS 8000 Features & Benefits :
Parallel capability
Multiple units can be placed in parallel to meet power capacity and redundancy requirements
Output synchronization to external source
UPS systems can be synchronized with any other independent source for use with downstream static transfer switches.

High availability architecture
Different running modes : hot stand-by, integrated parallel, or centralized static switch for multi-modules leading to availability architectures

Intuitive monitoring
Step by step navigation and menu screens for critical system information and data. Information is easy to access and presented in a very intuitive way.

Specifications UPS APC MGE EPS 8000 (E8TUPS625) – 3 Phase


Bypass Connection

4 wire (3Ph + N) or 5 wire (3Ph + N + G)

Bypass Voltage Tolerance

+/-10% settable from +/-4/6/8 and 10%

Max Bypass Input Current



Output Power Capacity

562 kW / 625 kVA

Max Configurable Power

562 kW / 625 kVA

Nominal Output Voltage

480V 3PH, 600V 3PH

Output Voltage Distortion

Less than 2%

Output Frequency (sync to mains)

60 Hz

Other Output Voltages


Crest Factor

3.5 : 1


Double Conversion Online

Waveform Type

Sine wave

Output Connections

(1) Hard Wire 5-wire (3PH + N + G)

Output Voltage Tolerance

+/- 0.5% static and +/- 2.5% 100% load step

Overload Operation

10 minutes @ 125% and 60 seconds @ 150%


Built-in Maintenance Bypass, External Manual Bypass


Nominal Input Voltage

480V 3PH, 600V 3PH

Input Frequency

60 Hz

Input Connections

Hard Wire 4-wire (3PH + G)

Input voltage range for main operations

408 – 552 (480)V

Other Input Voltages

380, 400, 415, 600

Maximum Input Current


Input Total Harmonic Distortion

Less than 7% for full load

Type of Input Protection Required

3-pole breaker

Batteries & Runtime

Battery Type


Nominal Battery Voltage


Efficiency in Battery Operation













Hover over the line on the graph above to view the
efficiency at any desired load

Curve fit to measured efficiency data. All
measurements taken in normal operating mode, at typical environmental
conditions, with nominal electrical input and balanced PF = 0.9 output.

Communications & Management

Available SmartSlot™ Interface Quantity


Control panel

Multi-function LCD status and control console

Emergency Power Off (EPO)



Maximum Height

2083.00 mm

Maximum Width

3100.00 mm

Maximum Depth

25171.00 mm

Net Weight

5240.00 KG

Shipping Weight

5285.00 KG

Shipping Height

2337.00 mm

Shipping Width

2261.00 mm

Shipping Depth

1092.00 mm


Light grey


Operating Environment

0 – 40 °C

Operating Relative Humidity

5 – 90%

Operating Elevation

0-999.9 meters

Storage Temperature

-20 – 45 °C

Storage Relative Humidity

5 – 90%

Storage Elevation

0-9000 meters

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit

75.00 dBA

Online Thermal Dissipation

133300.00 BTU/hr


Regulatory Approvals

cUL Listed, FCC Part 15 Class A, UL 1778

Standard Warranty

1 year repair or replace

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