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Prolink PRO73340S/SI 40kVA – Online 3 Phase

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Prolink PRO73340S/SI 40kVA – Online 3 Phase

gambar Prolink PRO73340S-SI 40kVA

Power Series (3P/3P)
Online Power Series 15KVA – 80KVA
– True on-line double-conversion technology with DSP control.
– Three phase input and Three phase output UPS system.
– Low input total harmonic distortion
– RS-232 & USB port multiple communications.
– Front access makes maintenance and replacement easily.

Prolink PRO73380S/SI – The Power Series true on-line double-conversion technology UPS system applied with state-of-the-art PWM technology which can easily adapt to all kinds of diverse and complicated loads, such as the non-linear system, strongly inductive or capacitive loads, discharge lamps, and induction motors. With range from 15kVA to 80kVA, an advanced control with adaptive feed forward cancellation (AFC) technology to achieve extremely low input current harmonic distortion rat THDi < 1% at full load. Applied with DSP controller and the forth generation IGBT transistors, the UPS can achieve high efficiency of up to 95%.
UPS PRO73340S/SI – The Power Series UPS is a unit with high flexibility in adapting inputs and output and may easily be set up depending on the requirement of the facility. With the space saving compact design, it makes installation and operation easily and eco-environmentally. To facilitate expansion easily, this unit can be set up in parallel redundancy systems without any need for additional hardware in the near future. The Power Series also has a variety of communications and options available.

Key Features and Benefits
– Online double conversion technology with DSP control
– Advanced control with Adaptive Feed Forward Cancellation (AFC) technology for very low harmonic distortion
– Very low input current distortion (THDi < 1%) – Input power factor 0.99 at 10%load – Output efficiency up to 95% – Space-saving compact design
– Front access makes maintenance and replacement easily
– Highly flexibility in single phase / three-phase set-ups
– Control designed to withstand all kinds of loads
– Variety of communication options available
– Over 60% materials recyclable
– Optional N+X parallel redundancy
– Remaining backup time calculation

gambar Diagram pro73340S-SI

Specifications Prolink PRO73340S/SI 40kVA

Power Series (3P/3P)
Model: PRO73340S/SI
Capacity: 40kVA
Input Nominal Voltage: 360/ 380 /400/ 415VAC
Voltage Range: > 300Vac
Nominal Frequency: 50 or 60Hz
Frequency Range: 46 ~ 64Hz
Power Factor: 1.0
THDi: < 1.5%

Output Voltage: 360/ 380/ 400/ 415VAC
Static Regulation: ±1%
Dynamic Stability: ±5% in 10 ms
Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz auto selection or selectable
Frequency Stability: ±0.05%
Power Factor: 0.8
Current Crest Ratio: 3.2:1

Voltage Distortion
Linear Load: ? 0.5% THD
Non-Linear Load: ? 1.5% THD

Phase Displacement
Balanced Load: 120° ±1%
Unbalanced Load 120° ±2%

AC Mode: Up to 94%

Type: Depending on the application
Capacity: Depending on the application
Temperature Comprensation: -18mV/°C
Charging Current: 47 A (max)

100% < Load < 125%: 10 mins
125% < Load < 135%: 5 min
135% < Load < 150%: 1 min >150%: 20 sec

Dimension (mm) D x W × H: 805 x 590 x 1320
Net Weight (kgs)Capacity: 190

Protection: IP20
Operation Humidity: <95% non-condensing
Ambient Temperature: 0°C – +40°C
Noise Level: 42 ~ 69dBA @ 1 Meter
Regulations: Safety: EN62040-1-1; EMI: EN62040-2; EN61000-1
USB / RS-232: Support Windows® 2000/ 2003/ XP/ Vista/ 2008/ 7, Linux, Unix and MAC

Warranty: 2 years

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