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PROJECTOR PANASONIC VZ575NA – Spesifikasi Dan Harga

T 15 March 2016 F A adminpkp

PANASONIC PROJECTOR VZ575NA SPESIFIKASI PANASONIC PROJECTOR VZ575NA : Specifications Model Panasonic PT-VZ575NA LCD Portable Projector LCD panel Panel size 16.3 mm (0.64 in) (16:10 aspect ratio) Display method Transparent LCD panel (x 3, R/G/B) Pixels 2,304,000 (1,920 x 1,200) x... Selengkapnya

gambar projector-pt-lx30h


T 11 December 2014 F , A adminpkp

Projector PANASONIC PT-LX30H Panasonic PT-LX30H Projector Auto Input Signal Search : The Auto Input Signal Search function automatically detects the input signal and selects the input channel based on the signal. This function lets you start a presentation without any... Selengkapnya

gambar PANASONIC-Projector-PT-VX500

Projector PANASONIC PT-VX500

T 11 December 2014 F , A adminpkp

Projector PANASONIC PT-VX500 PT-VX500 portable LCD projector Bright, compact and portable Compact and portable 5,000 lumens brightness XGA resolution and 4,000:1 contrast ratio Simple setup and easy operation Low maintenance and TCO – 4,000-hour lamp replacement cycle and a 4,000-hour... Selengkapnya

Projector PANASONIC PT-EX500

T 11 December 2014 F , A adminpkp

Projector PANASONIC PT-EX500 The cabinet is designed with a straight airflow path, from intake to exhaust. The shielding of the lens section, where dust is likely to enter, has been further improved to keep dust out. And the sealing performance... Selengkapnya

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gambar HP-LaserJet-Pro-MFP-M125a-CZ172A

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125a (CZ172A)

T 3 February 2015 F , , A adminpkp

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125a (CZ172A) This affordable HP LaserJet Pro MFP is easy to install and delivers crisp, clear documents. Print, copy, and scan with one, compact device that fits neatly into small office spaces. Features Handle the essentials... Selengkapnya

gambar Flatbed Scanner Truper 3210

Flatbed Scanner Truper 3210 – Spesifikasi Dan Harga

T 30 July 2015 F , A adminpkp

Truper 3210 Flatbed Scanner Exceptional. Fast producing. Ready for duty. In addition to delivering outstanding scanning technology and bundled feature sets—including VRS Professional, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection and Advanced Color Dropout—Trūper Scanners also deliver real-world value. The combination of high productivity... Selengkapnya

gambar ThinkStation-E32-Tower-Workstation

LENOVO ThinkStation E32 – Tower Workstation

T 3 November 2014 F A adminpkp

LENOVO ThinkStation E32 – Tower Workstation Mini Tower Tower workstations provide the ultimate performance with full-featured scalability, yet weigh about 25 liters. Platform Stability The E32 workstation features a 15-month life cycle with no planned hardware changes that affect the... Selengkapnya