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gambar CANON-Projector-LV-8227A

Projector CANON LV-8227A

T 10 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON LV-8227A The Canon LV-8227A Power Projector is an affordable WXGA wide screen resolution (1280 x 800) LCD projector, with 2500 lumens of brightness and a remarkable 3000:1 contrast ratio. Even in the brightest environments, it delivers outstanding quality... Selengkapnya

gambar Canon-LE-5W

Projector CANON LE-5W

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON LE-5W Canon LE-5W Compact, easy-to-use WXGA projector aimed at mobile business and home users. At just 1.6kg, the LE-5W is an exceptionally compact WXGA projector. High 3000:1 contrast delivers vivid, colourful images, while the LED light source lasts... Selengkapnya

gambar Canon-LV-8320

Projector CANON LV-8320

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON LV-8320 Canon LV-8320 A high performance, easily-maintained WXGA networkable projector with an HDMI input. The versatile LV-8320 combines 3000 lumens and WXGA resolution with power-saving features. It is ideal for business or educational users who require high specification... Selengkapnya

gambar CANON-Projector-LV-7292A

Projector CANON LV-7292A

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON LV-7292A Canon LV-7292A The XGA LV-7292A is ideal in classrooms, laboratories and other education spaces. The LV-7292A offers XGA resolution, 2200 lumens, HDMI™ and powerful 10W audio. It is ideal for corporate and education environments requiring high performance,... Selengkapnya

gambar Projector-CANON-LV-7297A

Projector CANON LV-7297A

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON LV-7297A Canon LV-7297A Ideal for tight spaces The LV-7297A is designed to meet the projection needs of the classroom or office with a true low-cost solution on all fronts: purchase, easy operations and full functionality, while being eco-friendly.... Selengkapnya

gambar CANON-Projector-LV-7392A

Projector CANON LV-7392A

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON LV-7392A Canon LV-7392A Enjoy great versatility and performance The LV-7392A combines superb brightness with fantastic resolution for amazing projections. Its easy, one-touch functions and reliable operations are complemented by ergonomic design giving you one smart solution. XGA (1024... Selengkapnya

gambar Projector-CANON-LV-7490

Projector CANON LV-7490

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON LV-7490 The LV-7490 is Canon’s first 4000 lumens portable LCD projector, delivering bright and clear images for both small and large rooms alike. This new model has a 2000:1 contrast ratio ensuring images will display crisp blacks with... Selengkapnya

gambar CANON-Projector-XEED-WUX5000

Projector CANON XEED WUX5000

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON XEED WUX5000 Canon XEED WUX5000 The advanced WUXGA, 5000 lumens installation projector. The XEED WUX5000 benefits from LCOS technology delivering 5000 lumens, WUXGA resolution, Full HD support and motorised interchangeable lenses – redefining image quality for installation projectors.... Selengkapnya

gambar CANON-Projector-XEED-WX520

Projector CANON XEED WX520

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON XEED WX520 Canon XEED WX520 Compact, bright, energy efficient WXGA+ installation projector with lens shift. Canon’s most compact WXGA+ installation projector. The brilliant 5200 lumens stays constant across the zoom range. Native WXGA+ resolution 5200 lumens 2000:1 contrast... Selengkapnya

gambar CANON-Projector-WUX450

Projector CANON XEED WUX450

T 9 December 2014 F , A admin

Projector CANON XEED WUX450 Canon XEED WUX450 Compact, high-performance, WUXGA installation projector with lens shift. Canon’s most compact WUXGA installation projector. The powerful 4500 lumens remains constant* across the zoom range. The high-quality 1.8x lens has vertical and horizontal shift... Selengkapnya

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gambar HP LaserJet Enterprise M604n

HP LaserJet Enterprise M604n – Spesifikasi dan Harga

T 24 October 2015 F , , A admin

HP LaserJet Enterprise M604n Printer HP LaserJet Enterprise M604n – Print only – Print speed letter: Up to 52 ppm (black) – 2 paper trays (standard) – FCC Class A emissions – for use in commercial environments, not residential environments... Selengkapnya

gambar ASUS-Monitor-LED-VX239H

ASUS Monitor LED [VX239H]

T 14 November 2014 F A admin

ASUS Monitor LED [VX239H] Monitor LED Asus VX239H memiliki desain selain tipis (14.5mm), juga unik. Bagian sisi dari monitor rata tanpa rangka (frameless) dengan ketebalan bezel hanya 0.8mm. Selain menghasilkan kualitas gambar yang jernih dari berbagai sisi, warna tampilan akan... Selengkapnya

gambar sophos-sg-105-w

Sophos SG 105 W Total Protect

T 30 September 2016 F A admin

Sophos SG 105 W These desktop firewall appliances offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio making them ideal for budget-conscious small businesses or branch offices. They are available with or without integrated wireless LAN, so you can even have an all-in-one network... Selengkapnya